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Florida Craft Brand IP for Sale

Craft Beer Brand Acquisition Opportunity – Florida

The JDubs brand, including all intellectual property, are available for sale to the highest cash bidder.

JDubs beers are known for their high quality, easy Florida lifestyle. Poolside, Passion Wheat, Bell Cow and Bomberry are among Florida’s most loved and enjoyed beers. JDubs beers are enjoyed all over the state, and especially on Florida’s West Coast beaches, pools and bars.

Founded in 2014, JDubs sold an average of approximately 10,000 barrels per year (as reported by the Brewers Association) from 2017-2019 in the pre-COVID period. In 2020 and 2021, volume dropped to about 6,000 barrels per year. The company ran into financial difficulties and entered the bankruptcy process in 2021. JDubs has had uninterrupted production and distribution during this period with its primary distributor JJ Taylor, followed by Crescent Crown and Gold Coast.

Key Statistics in 2022:

  • Volume: 1,672 barrels (volume range for the prior four years 6,000 – 11,000 barrels)
  • 2022 revenue (sold to wholesalers): $502,000
  • 12,500 Instagram followers and 18,000 Facebook followers

The sale of the brand IP is subject to approved bankruptcy court procedures and ultimate bankruptcy court approval, providing the buyer comfort that sale will be free and clear of all liens.

JDub's Brewing Company

Soak up the sun on the West coast of Florida. White sand beaches, endless summer and relaxing with a cold, fresh JDubs beer with friends. That is what we are all about and we welcome you to enjoy our favorite beers. With roots beginning in Sarasota in 2014, we have grown to produce some of Florida’s favorite good time beers. We are celebrating life in the sun, swimming and warm nights outdoors.

You’ll find JDubs beers in some of the best beachside bars and in stores thar sell beer all over the state. Enjoy our Poolside Kolsch…poolside

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