Where can you find JDub’s beers?

All of our beer is only distributed throughout the state of Florida, and can be found at the following:
– Total Wine and all major liquor stores where good beer is sold.
– Publix, Sam’s Club, and other select grocery stores.
– Select gas stations carrying Craft Beer.
– Specialty bottle shops and Craft Beer bars across the state.
and anywhere good beer is sold.

Where does the name “JDub’s” come from?

The brewery’s name is from our Owner and Founder, Jeremy Joerger. He was given the nickname while playing rugby and it never left him.

What’s that smell?

Have you pulled up the the brewery and smelled that…smell? That sweet, bready smell in the air is part of the brewing process. We brew with thousands of pounds of grain weekly, and during the MASH (process to extract the sugar from the grain) we add the grain to hot water to loosen up the grain to get the sugars flowing. Think of steeping a glass of tea, same thing. This opens up the grain expelling “that smell” into the brewhouse and surrounding area. Some people love it, others not so much, we dig it!

How long is Evan’s beard?
15 inches – ish.