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JDub’s version of a classic style India Pale Ale. This brew strong aromas of tropical fruits, citrus, and juicy grapefruit. This flavor mimics the aromas with a slightly toasty malt character that balances out the hops.

A blend of American Barley and English Barley, Crystal Malts, with 7c’s and Falconers Flight Hops.


A German Style Kolsch Beer. A clean, crisp and delicately balanced beer with subtle lemon flavors. Bright white head with a light sulfury quality. A great warm weather beer that will quench the thirst of you and your homies. Has the potential to grab the wine drinker in the group.

A blend of German Pilsner Malt, German Wheat Malt, Noble Hops, and German Ale Yeast.


An easy drinking, refreshing American wheat beer with subtle aromas and flavors of passion fruit and mango. Very low bitterness with a medium-dry finish. Perfect for the beach!

American Barley and Wheat with Passion Fruit, Mango, and Mosaic Hops.


A milk chocolate porter featuring rich notes of chocolate and a medium bodied mouth feel. The sweetness the lactose blends well with the dark malts. The combination of flaked oats and the dark malts results in a tan colored head. Enjoy, MOO!

American Barley Roasted Barley, Crystal Malt, German Munich Malt, Cocoa Powder, and Vanilla. 

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